Home Appétit is recognized as the purveyor and artisan of the finest, highest-quality food items for the everyday kitchen. The same food products found only at the world’s best dining and eating establishments are available right here. Enjoy.

La Cruz Del Sur, a Singleton family owned and operated business of world travelers, imports Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Canolas and 25 Star Vinegars. Each is extraordinarily smooth, aromatic and brimming with flavors. Specialty provisions from around the globe — all hand-selected by the LCDS global family and now available to you. Delicious.
You’ll see when you taste.

Okay, you’re asking, “What is it, exactly, that makes Home Appétit products so unique, so much better than what you get off the grocery store shelf?” The answer: Exactly everything.

Take our Spices, for example. We hand grind the spice to our chefs exact specifications to leave in the texture and character. But, before we do that, we toast. Mmm, toasting brings out and develops the essential oils and flavors. We add no chemicals, just good old sea salt.

Next, the oils. Our olives are small-estate grown on the same land where the mill is located, meaning we harvest at the optimal time. We use two state of the art Italian mills, one horizontal and one varietal centrifuge for all you olive oil connoisseurs. Our oils are guaranteed pure and unadulterated with chemicals or heat. That gives you world class acidity levels ranging between .13% and .23%. And, all of our olive oils are perfectly balanced, cold pressed, first pressed with no trans fats. The flavor characteristics are incredible.

Ah, our vinegars. Home Appétit vinegars are produced by Italian families who’ve been doing it for generations. You heard right, “generations”. One taste of our imported, best-selling 25 Star White Balsamic will make a worshipper out of you.

Rich Canola Oils. Our canola oils are amazing to cook with. They are expeller and cold pressed, packed with vitamin E, Omega 6 and 3. Among oils, they are lowest in saturated fat and have an incredibly high smoke point of 485 degrees. Home Appétit canolas are rich in color, flavor and feature a beautifully savory floral nose.

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