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It's College Football Time! Is your grill ready?

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Here at Home Appetiit we love college football and we love to grill while we watch the games.  Whether you're slow roasting or smoking a large piece of meat or just doing burgers and brats Home Appetit is there to make your football Saturday's tasty!  Here are some quick tips:

Grill Preparation

- Use natural hardwood charcoal.  It is a cleaner flame than conventional charcoal.

- If using gas, make sure you have plenty in the tank and consider using Home Appetit Smoked Sea Salt to add back in the grill/smoke flavor to your gas grill

- Thoroughly clean your grill of debris on the grate and in the bottom of the grill (these can catch fire and ruin your food)

- Pre-heat grill to desired temperature before grilling 

Slow Roasting or Smoking:  

- Brine your meat using 1 quart of water and 6 tablespoons of your favorite Home Appetit Toasted Spice Blends.  Let meat soak overnight.  Remove from brine, pat dry.  Coat meat in Home Appetit Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then coat with more of the toasted spice blend - proceed with cooking.

Grilling Steaks, Burgers or Dogs

- Keep meat cold prior to grilling

- Coat meat prior to grilling with Home Appetit Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil and spices.  The olive oil protect the meat from carcinogens associated with grilling over an open flame. 

- Lightly compress your hamburger patty - don't overwork the meat.

- Never put seasoning in the meat.  Make your patties first then season the outside of the burger before grilling.  This keeps the burger moist and tender.

- Place a finger sized hole in the middle of the burger before grilling.  This will enable the burger to cook without turning into a ball shape.

Enjoy and Home Appetit!

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