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Spice Blends


Are you looking to add some flavor your everyday meals? Look no farther! We have a wonderful line of hand crafted spice blends. We hand grind our spice and leave in the texture and character. But, before we do that, we toast. Mmm, toasting brings out and develops the essential oils and flavors. We add no chemicals just good old sea salt. Here are a few of our favorites...

Sage and Garlic Poultry Blend- We harvest garlic and sage. We blend in pink and white peppercorn. Then we toast the rub in our kitchen. Add just the right amount of seat salt and, voila!

Toasted Peppercorn Steakhouse Blend- We toast a heavy blend of four peppercorns- white, black, pink and green. We add garlic and onion. As a finishing touch we blend in large flake sea salt.

Toasted Caraway and Mustard Seed Pork Blend- If your recipe calls for a traditional spice rub for pork, this is it. We've added toasted black peppercorn and cracked caraway seeds.

Toasted 4 Peppercorn Blend- Here's a spice blend that gives you a great range of heat level and smokiness. Which means, among other things, ou can use this versatile blend in piratically any recipe.

Southwestern Toasted Cumin and 4-Chili Blend- Here comes flavor like you've never experienced. We take the best of cumin and blend it with chipotle, ancho and guajillo chilies.

Pan Asian Toasted Star Anise Blend- Okay, chefs. Here's your all-around Asian blend. Think cane sugar, peppercorn, onion, garlic and sea salt- all blended, toasted and ready for your own genius.

Try them out! Let us know what you think!

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